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The Link Between Trimming Natural Hair & Growth

The Link Between Trimming Natural Hair & Growth

Trimming your ends on a regular basis may not be on the top of your agenda but here are a few reasons why trimming your strands can serve as a positive for your hair’s health and hair growth.

The four main benefits to trimming your hair are having healthier ends, less breakage, fuller hair, and length retention. I know you are probably thinking “How will this help my hair?”

Trimming your hair is good for growth. Depending on your hair and it’s growth pattern it may take a while to reach your length goal for your hair. However, hair cuts help. Trimming your hair while growing it encourages hair growth due to getting rid of any damaged, broken, or split ends you may have.

Hair often begins to split around 3 months. To prevent any damage we recommend you to schedule a trim every quarter. Scheduling a trim every 3-4 months or 12-16 weeks will help to keep your hair healthy and strong. Listed below are 6 signs that you need a trim.

  • ●  Visible split ends - if you can actually see your split ends you should definitely get a trim.

  • ●  Ends easily snap/break - Please don’t confuse this with hair shedding (when hair breaks at the root).

  • ●  See through ends - if you have wispy or feathery ends it’s time for a trim.

Thin hair - if you notice your hair isn’t as full as it was before and appears thin that’s a sign you need a cut or shape.

Dull ends - if the ends of your hair are extremely dry it’s time to let them go.

Last but not least - your hair isn’t “Growing”

Visit Beautiful Luxe Hair Company for your next trim. We want to help you with your hair care journey.

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